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Jury Information

 If you have been summoned to Jury Service:


     Once your online response to the summons is complete, within one to two weeks prior to your month of jury service, you will receive a schedule in the mail indicating all dates of service. 

     The schedule will indicate the group color and sequence number that has been assigned to you.  It is important that, when you call the Jury Line Code-O-Phone (shown below) on the evening before your scheduled service dates, that you are aware of your assigned group color and sequence number.

A Message from Justice Michael Vigil
of the New Mexico Supreme Court

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PLEASE NOTE:  The Eleventh Judicial District Court will not ever attempt to make contact with you via telephone, email, or employ bonding companies to notify you of warrants issued by the Court for failure to appear for Jury Duty or for any other matter.

For example, some time ago, the Court was made aware that someone posed as law enforcement and contacted individuals by telephone stating that there was a bench warrant issued by a District Judge for failure to appear in Court for Jury Duty and advising that, in order for the warrant to be quashed, a fee needs to be paid to a bonding company.

If you have been contacted in this manner, you are advised to report it to local law enforcement.

Jury Clerks

Sheralee Savage
Darcy Jones

Phone: 505-334-7820

Jury Line Code-O-Phone
Phone: 505-334-6650
Toll-free: 1-800-748-1350


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